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At Integrity Facility Solutions we understand the challenges that can be presented by and the importance of, keeping your church clean and presentable. That is why we are dedicated to delivering superior church cleaning services in a reliable and trustworthy manner, at a price that you can afford. Our services are complete, consistent and dependable – as our number one priority is to take away any stresses that might linger with regards to a clean church so that you might focus on the important task of touching the lives’ of individuals in a spiritual way.

As a company that is dedicated to the well-being of our clients and their businesses, as well as the greater good, Integrity Facility Solutions, therefore, makes it a point to take care of the little things around your church so that you can focus on the ones that matter. We give you the tools you need to focus your efforts where they count – on your church and churchgoers.

Church Nursery Care

As an experienced cleaning service, we are familiar with the unique needs that accompany maintaining a church. From areas with heavy foot traffic to the chapel, we take care of your church in the places that it matters most. One area that we pay particular attention to is the nursery. We all expect that our children will be safe from harm when playing in our church nursery, that includes being safe from harmful bacteria and germs. Any area that accommodates a large number of children for an extended period of time should be expected to harbor more dangerous germs, as well as potentially harmful bacteria.

At Integrity Facility Solutions we are committed to showing your nursery the attention that it needs and deserves, in an effort to help you provide a clean and safe environment for your churchgoer’s children.

Special Events and Scheduling

We are available 24/7 to accommodate any special event cleaning services that your church might need, such as for a funeral or wedding. Additionally, we are always available to cater to any last minute cleaning challenges that you might find yourself faced with. We will custom make a schedule that works best for your church and your service, in order to offer the most convenient and stress-free cleaning solution for your building.

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